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While V/M fans & Tessa/Scott too were like: 


Then there’s people like this:




How mature of you to put down a person who is already feeling down at the moment. Granted, Tessa & Scott will probably never see this, but it is in our wonderful Tumblr tag that is filled with awesome pictures and gifs that celebrate Virtue and Moir. Obviously, V/M fans will see this post & who would want to see hate in their own tag? If you really have this strong urge to hate on them, then just tag it with figure skating. That’s basic Tumblr etiquette after all to stay out of tags of people you hate. 

It’s so different when other skaters have problems sometimes. When Kaitlyn Weaver got injured, you didn’t see posts like KAITLYN YOU ARE SO DRAMATIC WITH YOUR INJURY or when Alex Shibutani stopped in the middle of their program, no one was ALEX IT’S JUST ASTHMA GET OVER IT. Nope. People were all OH NO! POOR KAITLYN! POOR ALEX!

JSYK, Tessa’s condition is chronic so the only thing they can do is to manage it & plan everything around the condition. It will not go away. Duh. But you probably didn’t bother with that info because you dislike them that much. eta: Or lbr, you probably already knew that, but you didn’t care because you were all YESS! ANOTHER REASON TO HATE THEM!1!!!!

Most of the likers of the particular post above are also fans of the other team. All I can say is you guys are so predictable lol. JUST KEEP TO YOUR TAGS.


eta: There’s a good chance I’ll receive hate messages for this (some will be NOOOO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!1!), but idgaf. lololololol I’m off to Tokyo tomorrow! Live your miserable lives haters! 

Four for you!!! You go Glen Coco!

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